Saturday the 16th, starts at 8:30pm. location: No Brow Coffee and Tea (315 E. 300 S. Salt Lake City). ADMISSION IS FREE!

On Saturday, June 16th, Loaf-i Productions, the Free Form Film Festival, the Lost Media Archive, and Trasa Urban Arts Collective all band together to present one of the most exciting OUT/EX programs so far this year! This program is called ONE FRAME AT A TIME, and is an homage to the filmstrip! Do you remember the filmstrips you saw as an elementary school student? Your teacher would advance the frame with each beep of the cassette tape (or record)... you would draw pictures on your school desk in the dark... and the filmstrip would drone on about the merits of hygiene, or reading, or manners, etc...
Well... Brooklyn filmmaker, composer, and furniture-maker Brian Dewan has created a good number of his own filmstrips... Educational?... Maybe. Funny?... definitely!. Twisted?... ABSOLUTELY!
Dewan has had many exhibitions at Brooklyn's super-hot "Pierogi" gallery and even more exhibitions at film fests and arts events across the world. On June 16th, we will show several of Dewan's best odes to the filmstrip, ...and just to send you back to those days when you daydreamed your education away, SLC's own LOST MEDIA ARCHIVE will present a hand-full of REAL and TRULY BIZARRE filmstrips from bygone decades