Have you been wondering where this whole Lost Media thing is going? If you live in Utah, you should come to Starry Night in Provo on Dec 21st and find out!

We will show you over an hour of hilarious film clips and explain how you can get involved! Don't worry, we don't want to put you to work doing community service, we want you to be able to have access to our archive so you can see all of this crazy crap we collect for yourselves!
Whether you are a media-maker or just a lover of the strange, the vintage, and the occassionally inspired, we think you'll see the benefit of what we are doing.

Lost Media Christmas Screening:

Starry Night (NE Corner of Center St. and 200 West in Provo, UT)

December 21st

7:30 pm doors
start 8:00 pm


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