NOV. 17th OUT/EX includes works from SUNDANCE, NYC MOMA, and SF MOMA

For immediate release:

This Saturday (nov. 17th) OUT/EX presents a truly remarkable collection of experimental films. These works have been screened in film fests and art galleries around the world including SUNDANCE, SILVERDOCS, the SFMOMA, the NYC MOMA, and many, many others…

The program is called ODDS AND ENDS, and will be presented in Salt Lake City one night only! It will be Saturday the 17th (day after gallery stroll) at NoBrow Coffee and Tea (315 E. 300 S.) and will begin at 8pm


ODDS AND ENDS is a program curated by Portland OR. filmmaker Karl Lind.


Program information below
Odds and Ends is proud to present an evening of eclectic and
electrifying films and videos from Stacey Steers, Grace Carter and Holly
Andres, John Bacone, Alec Cohen, Jeremy Bird, Vanessa Renwick and more!
This selection combines elements from Odds and Ends Volumes 1 and 2 plus
a few new treats, a truly worthy evening of entertainment if there ever
was one.

1. No One Touches the Floor (2006) video
John Bacone (PDX)
-----“’No One Touches the Floor’ by John Bacone uses a simple
equation—Swimming + Flying + Time Control = AWESOME!”
Christine S. Blystone (PORTLAND MERCURY)
John Bacone is a sculptor and filmmaker living in Portland, OR.
Currently working with two dance companies, Polaris Dance Theater and
a-wol Dance Collective, as set/sound designer, and videographer; he also
carves frames for the work painted by elephants and dolphins at the
Indianapolis Zoo.

2. The Birthday, 8 min.
by Stephen Slappe
-----The Birthday depicts the reproduction of human life through scientific
experimentation. The video was created using appropriated animation,
x-rays and microscopic photography culled from 16mm educational films.
The Birthday usurps the intent of the source material with the help of a
haunting score of electronic improvisations by Rob Walmart.
Stephen Slappe is a multidisciplinary artist working in Portland, Oregon.

3. Spheres 1 min
By Jeremy Bird
-----JEREMY BIRD is a videomaker and video editor in Portland, Oregon. His
short videos are said to harmonize sound and picture into a series of
engaging instants. He has edited music videos, feature films,
commercials, and has created projections for live music and dance
performance. His latest short, "Spheres", has screened at moving-image
festivals around the world.

4. I got shot with a bullet, video 16 min.
by Alec Cohen
----Years after being accidentally shot in downtown Manhattan, Alec Cohen
has retreated to Portland, OR to escape the danger of his past. Now,
equipped with $50 and some newfound courage, Alec and his near-silent,
12-year old best friend Raymond are on a quest to buy a gun. I Got Shot
with a Bullet investigates Pop-Culture American Manhood and its
relationship to violence. It's also funny.
Alec is one of the founding members of Sandymontana, a Portland based
director's collective. He is from Long Island, NY and is inspired by
nonsense and important social issues.

5. Neuro-Economy
----Created by Jill Kennedy
“Neuro Economy” is a short animated film to a real audio recording found
on a telephone answering machine.
Set in a composite domestic setting of both past and present a recorded
message starts to play back on a telephone answering machine in the
living room. An anonymous caller from 21 years ago describes himself.
The caller goes on to explain a Neuro Economy and details his plans for
a Quantum Computer Emulator. The message continues to diverge further
and further from reality. Animated graphics sourced from learning
material of the 1960’s and 70’s begin to appear, eventually taking over
the living room as we glimpse a cross section of reality as perceived by
the anonymous caller.
Jill Kennedy was born 1981 in Glasgow, Scotland. In 1982 her family
moved to Auckland, New Zealand. She has been living in Auckland where
she has recently graduated from a Graduate Diploma in Design studying at
Unitec Institute of Technology.
Prior to this, she completed a Bachelor of Design majoring in Fine Art
Painting in 2002 at Unitec Institute of Technology. She has been
involved in several group shows exhibiting work at Enjoy Gallery in
Wellington, Snow White Gallery and Room 401 in Auckland.
After the completion of the course, Jill moved back to Glasgow. She
spent time traveling Europe and returned to study animation in 2006. She
completed a Graduate Diploma in Design and spent the last four months of
her course completing her first animated short film “Neuro Economy”.
Recently, she has collaborated on work with the New Zealand Painter Mark
Braunias. She completed an animation of Mark’s drawings which showed at
the Jonathan Smart Gallery in August 2007. She is currently working on a
new piece with Mark, which will be on show at the opening of the new
Tauranga Art Gallery in October 2007.

6. Tidal Wave 1.5 min
----by Salise Hughes
One man’s nightmares take physical taking the form of each and every
figure in the crowd.
Born January 11th 1955 in Tacoma Washington. Studied visual art at
Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle and the San Francisco Art
Institute. Artworks included in Microsoft and Seattle Arts Commission
collections. Visiting drawing instructor at Cornish College of the Arts
from 1991-93. Began making films as a self-taught filmmaker in 2005.
Lives in Seattle.

7. God Provides, video 9 min
----by Brian Cassidy and Melanie Shatzky
Shot in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and bound by
elements of fiction, this unexpected documentary short is a glimpse into
faith-based sentiment and inexplicable loss in the American South. While
a man searches for his kitchen appliances in the bushes, elsewhere a
grinning preacher takes souvenir snapshots for his congregation, and a
woman with a disability journeys to a quieter place.
Brian M. Cassidy (b. 1977, Poughkeepsie, USA) and Melanie Shatzky (b.
1976, Montreal, Canada) met in 2004 in New York City and shortly
thereafter began collaborating on both narrative and documentary films.
The duo have shown their work at the Sundance Film Festival, the
Rotterdam International Film Festival, Silverdocs, South by Southwest
(SXSW), the Kunsthalle Wien, and the European Media Art Festival (EMAF).
Their short fiction, The Delaware Project, was nominated for a Tiger
Award at Rotterdam, and won the 2007 EMAF Award at the European Media
Art Festival. They were recently profiled in Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New
Faces of Independent Film.
Cassidy and Shatzky’s work often forgoes conventional storytelling
methods in order to accommodate stark imagery, elusive characters, a
deadpan realism, and has been described by Glenn Kenny of Premiere
Magazine as “cogent and sickly surreal”. In 2005, they founded their
production company, Pigeon Projects, which continues to develop and
evolve as an outlet for their personal work as well as a commercial
studio. Both Cassidy and Shatzky hold MFAs in Photography, Video &
Related Media from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

8. The Journal of John Magillicutty 2006 dv [2:20]
“Strenuous but an intermission...”
---- Michael Paulus (PDX)
Michael Paulus is an artist living in Portland Oregon. The marriage of
science and art play prominently in his work, often times creating
objects that are inherently misguided or dysfunctional in design. A
parody of types on the sometimes absolute efficiency and logic that we
come to expect from tools and technology.
The figures in his moving image work are usually ‘specimens’ to be
observed and usually find themselves in absurd situations they are ill
adept to comprehend.
In his static work often times there is an interchange between object
and viewer. Sometimes testing the perceptions of the viewer and often
times using an established medium or tool/design and tweaking it a bit
to put it in a critical context

9. The Places left in passing 2.5
----by Kiri Hargie
an animated movie about the inbetween spaces, both physical and mental,
that are left behind after the passing of a loved one.
In Memory of Martha Hargie
Live, love, learn, create, leave ripples, go man go! Whether automatic
writing, sculpting, animating, photographing, drawing, or moshing media
interactively mixed media artist Kiri Hargie collages the minutiae of
the extraordinary ordinary. A consummate world lover, she one day wishes
to drive around the world in an ice cream truck collecting stories and art.

10. Nora
----by Grace Carter and Holly Andres
An afternoon encounter between two lovers plays out in an unusual
fashion as issues of power, domination and gender reversal are explored.
Holly Andres approaches her art in a multidisciplinary manner, and works
in film, photography, sculpture and installation. In collaboration with
performer/filmmaker Grace Carter, Andres created the short films
DANDELION, BRAVE NEW GIRL and their newest narrative, NORA. Their work
has been featured in the NW Film + Video Festival, Best of the Northwest
Touring Program, the Portland International Film Festival, the Portland
Experimental Film Festival, the Oregon Biennial at the Portland Art
Museum and the Perpetual Art Machine in New York. Andres teaches video
production and foundation art classes at PSU and the Art Institute of
Grace Carter has been working in theatre arts and filmmaking for the
past six years in Portland, OR. She Co-founded the critically acclaimed
defunct theatre and collaborated as a producer, director and actor on
several stage performances. Grace’s films have been screened at several
regional festivals including the 32nd annual Northwest Film and Video
Festival, The PDX Fest and the Oregon Biennial at the Portland Art
Museum. Grace has also worked as an actor on many film projects the most
recent “Paranoid Park,” a new feature by Gus Van Sant.

11. Phantom Canyon 10 min.
----Stacey Steers
Stacey Steers lives in Boulder, Colorado where she teaches for the Film
Studies Program at the University of Colorado. Her labor-intensive films
are composed of thousands of individual, handmade works on paper. Her
animations have screened worldwide and won national and international
awards. She has been awarded residencies at The MacDowell Colony,
Harvard University and Sacatar Foundation.
A curious woman meets an alluring man with bat wings in this personal
recollection of a pivotal journey. This animated film was created from
over 4000 hand-made collages incorporating the figures from Eadweard
Muybridge’s Human and Animal Locomotion, first published in 1887.

12. 9 is a secret
----By Vanessa Renwick, video 6 minutes 2002
score by Donovan Skirvin
"Renwick recounts a sad time in her life, when a friend was dying and
she suddenly became aware of the presence of crows. The dark birds in
turn point her to the practice of counting crows, which is both a
children's rhyming game and a form of divination in which the number of
crows suggests events in the future. Eight crows auger death: nine crows
reference a secret. Renwick combines these fragments with glimpses of
imagery- a bed, the crows captures as silhouettes, a man's twisted body
- to craft a lyrical and moving essay that works its magic through
poetic accretion rather than narrative logic."

-Holly Willis, L.A. Weekly

Vanessa Renwick
Founder and janitor of the Oregon Department of Kick Ass
A filmmaker by nature, not by stress of research. She puts scholars to
rout by solving through Nature's teaching problems that have fretted
their trained minds. Her iconoclastic work reflects an interest in
place, relationships between bodies and landscapes, and all sorts of
borders. Working in experimental and poetic documentary forms, she
produces films, videos and installations that explore the possibility of
hope in contemporary society. She is a naturalist, born, not made : a
true barefoot, cinematic rabblerouser, of grand physique, calm pulse and
a magnetism that demands the most profound attention.
Represented by PDX Contemporary Art

13. Blue Tapes 7 min
----Jeremy Bird

14. in perpetuity Circle of Purity 2.5 min
----Liz Haley
In Perpetuity, Circle of Purity (2006) is a video conceived during a 10
day silent meditation retreat.
Liz Haley, born in 1972 the youngest of six children, was raised with
community and escape as equally strong and polar influences. Haley has
used video, photography, audio, installation and performance to explore
concepts including the weather, physics, love, progress and other
vulnerabilities of humanity. Her work has been exhibited in New York,
San Francisco and Miami at the Museum of Contemporary Art. As part of
her work, she is an independent curator and in 2005, co-founded a
performance, cafe and exhibition space called Valentines in Portland,
OR. She has an upcoming book on YETI publishing.

Trasa Urban Arts receives generous support from the Salt Lake City Arts Council, Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts, and Parks and the Utah Arts Council, with funding from the State of Utah and the National Endowment for the Arts.


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